Finding the Perfect Over the Knee Boots

Greetings Lovelies! Hoping you all had an enjoyable weekend!

So, the boots featured in today's post was a Christmas gift and initially I was unsure if I would keep them or not. Although, I think they're gorgeous, the velvet texture makes them a trendy item. At times, I do indulge in trends but for the most part I try to stick with more timeless pieces. However, I just couldn't bring myself to return these boots. The color is so rich and absolute perfection and the texture adds an extra pop and flair to almost any outfit.

So, I am a huge fan of OTK boots. They're sexy and elongate/slim the legs when done right. One of the key elements to finding the right/most flattering pair is paying close attention to where the boot hits depending on your height. For my tall girls OTK boots will work regardless. For us vertically challenged ladies, we have to assure that our legs don't get lost.

Tip #1.

When pairing them with dresses, showing a slither of skin between the dress and boot is a good way to make sure your legs don't lose their length. I embrace my height but the goal is never to look shorter than I am.

Tip #2.

If the boot doesn't have a heel make sure the boot stops at the most narrow part of your leg (right below or mid knee, typically).

Tip #3.

If you have larger calves or legs, look for a boot with stretch and ones possibly without zippers. This will allow wiggle room for a comfortable fit and the perfect mold to your legs.

Tip #4

If going for a thigh high over the knee boot, it's best for the boot to stop mid thigh, so your legs aren't completely swallowed.

Tip #5:

Darker colors always slim the legs, making them appear leaner and longer.

Ensemble Deets:

Dress-BooHoo (Here)

Over the Knee Boots-Asos (Here)

Clutch-Love Cortnie