Trendy Thursday: How to Wear a Robe Coat

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Hoping everyone is having a great week thus far. So, I will be adding a lot of new things to the blog/site in the upcoming weeks and months, so make sure to visit often. :-) One of the new things I'll be adding, as you probably saw from the above title is Trendy Thursday's. Thursdays we will talk and discuss the latest trends. If there are any trends that you would like to see on Style & Poise please leave a comment below or send me an email directly by clicking the contact tab above.

Anywho, let's get into the robe coat trend. It's actually been around since 2015 maybe a little before then as of recent but it is still relevant in 2017. It is definitely a tricky trend to pull off and below I have listed a few tips to help you pull it off effortlessly.

Tip #1: Length

The length should be proportionate to your height. Again, this is a look that my tall girls can slay whether it's floor length or mid calf length. However, for my shorter and petite ladies, the length is a crucial factor. I wouldn't recommend a floor length coat, stick to one that goes no longer than 4-6 inches above the ankle. Anything longer you run the risk of the coat wearing you, instead of you wearing the coat.

Tip #2: Size Matters

The whole point of this trend is to rock it oversized, that is essentially the effect you're going for. However, you should not be swimming in the coat. Looking like you have on your favorite Auntie's coat from back in the day isn't quite the look we're going for with this trend. My suggestion, only go up a size or possibly two, depending on the fit and your body type. If you have more of a slender/petite build, I would stick with one size up or your actual size. If you're more of a curvaceous woman you might can go up two sizes, allowing additional room for your hips and derriere and still pull off the loose vibe. Depending on the style of the coat, you may be able to stick with your actual size, especially if it's made to be worn as an oversized coat.

Tip #3: The "It" Factor

I personally think this trend looks best when the robe coat has a distinct detail(s). Whether it be patches, brooches, clusters of pins, a particular cut, a vibrant color(s), a unique structure or pattern, etc. This brings some interest to the coat, making it stylish vs. just looking like you're wearing a bath robe. I have provided some inspiration of some fab coats I found via pinterest below.

Hope that you all are inspired and might be willing to give this trend a try. So, what say you? Are you here for the Robe Coat trend or are you passing on this one?

Ensemble Deets:

I am wearing a size Large which I typically wear in coats to allow room for layers.

Striped Turtleneck-Zara (similar Here)

Ripped Denim-H&M (Similar Here)

Pumps-Jimmy Choo (Here and similar Less Expensive pair here)

Clutch-Etsy (Cute one here and it's on sale)

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