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Hello Lovelies!!!

It's been a little while! Apologies. I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes work and I just needed to take a break from blogging/social media for a bit due to the recent chain of events happening in America. I am deeply saddened and hurt at the state of our country and the amount of senseless violence, racism, and hatred that still runs so rampant through some people's veins. I truly struggled with whether to resume blogging so soon or give things a break for awhile because my heart wasn't completely in it 100%. I never want to be forced to plaster on a fake smile and pretend to be loving life in pictures when the black community is hurting and going through such a trying time. I'm not one of those bloggers that will ever be afraid to use my platform to speak up, say what's on my mind and bring awareness to real issues, especially social injustice. I know some people are worried about messing up their pretty little instagram feed or possibly losing sponsors/collaborations and such but honestly that will never be my concern. My authenticity and what's going on in our community means a lot more to me than all of the other foo foo blogger things. There's more to life than our pretty little dresses or amazing shoes we found on sale.

What's currently happening in America truly affects the way we live, our freedom, safety, and our communities. Humanity and equal respect/justice for all is so worth standing up for and fighting for. However, we choose to do so. Whether it's marching/protesting, getting more involved in our communities, signing petitions to force change regarding the way our police officers are policed. The killing of police officers IS NOT the answer. This method will only make matters worse. You can't heal hate with hate. And I want to be very clear, ALL COPS ARE NOT BAD!!! However, the bad cops need to be held accountable for their actions. Police officers should not be above the law. They should be held to the same guidelines, laws, and standards, as all U.S. citizens. There needs to possibly be some type of multi-cultural training, so they understand all black men aren't violent and a threat. This poisonous mindset continues to rear it's ugly and racist head in our communities and it's time for a CHANGE. How many lives have to be lost at the hands of bad/racist policing? When is enough, enough?!

I have a husband, father, brothers, cousins, etc. and it scares me to think that they too can easily fall victim to police terror. Unfortunately, we need to educate our black sons and men on how to interact with police officers. Comply, even if in your heart you know the officer is utilizing their power as an intimidation tactic...just be polite as possible and diffuse the situation as much as possible. Do not make any sudden movements, keep your hands visible at all times and if you're going to reach for your registration, license, etc. make sure you are very clear in communicating this to the officer, so there are no misconceptions. This obviously isn't fool proof, hence, Philando Castile. However, I am still hopeful that we can come together and turn things back around. I believe that the healing and breaking of chains and barriers starts with love and unity. One of the two most important factors in healing and of course, God! Can't do it or get through it without his grace and mercy. Now, if you got through all of that...you're the real MVP!!!! :-) Hoping you all have a blessed week! XOXO
The Styling: I wore the above look to an outdoor concert. It's pretty reminiscent of the 90's era. Although, I'm not 100% midriff ready, I decided to show a slither of skin as this crop top is loose and flowy. Actually flowy, cool, and comfortable were all of the things I had in mind when putting this look together. I knew I would be outside and possibly doing a lot of standing/dancing, so I wanted to create a look that worked in that setting. 

Alternative Styling: The pants can also be styled with an off-white tank and a black tuxedo vest with a pair of heels.Throwing on a denim chambray would look good with these pants, as well.

Ensemble Deets:
Pants-T.J. Maxx(purchased a couple of years ago)
Top-Boohoo(purchased last summer)
Fringe Purse-Aldo
Hoop Earrings-Aldo

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Good Day Loves!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful and blessed weekend. This weekend the hubby and I joined our good friends to celebrate the life of their daughter who passed away about a year ago. It was a lovely celebration of life, filled with nothing but good vibes, love, and positivity. The event was held at the La Marina in NY. It was my first time and such a lovely hidden gem in Washington Heights. It almost felt like Miami in NY. If you're ever in the NY area, it's definitely a good place to check out...such beautiful waterfront views. Anywho, I dressed pretty causally for the event. I am really focused on my health, so during this transitional phase I've been opting for a lot of comfy and free flowing pieces until I get a little closer to my goal weight. (More re: my fitness/health journey will be coming to the blog soon).

Also, I am moving my blog within the next couple of weeks which is something I've been contemplating for years. I'm excited for all that's to come. So, please make sure to follow me via bloglovin' to stay connected. There will be soooo much more great and valuable content coming to my newly designed website, so please stay tuned. XOXO

Ensemble Deets:
Skirt-Asos (On sale for $40)
Top-Zara(They're having a great sale right now)
Sandals-Aldo (On sale for $20)
Lippie-NYX (Indie Flick)
Purse-Zara(On Sale)

This post contains affiliate links.