Must Have Item-The Sweater Dress

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Sweater dresses are such the perfect addition to your Fall and Winter wardrobe. They're on my must-have list because they require little effort and look so chic, especially when paired with the right accessories. I gravitated towards this particular dress, as the colors are Fall perfection and the bell sleeves are totally in this year. I love how well sweater dresses display the curvaceous woman's silhouette.

When selecting a sweater dress, especially for my curvy gals, the quality of the fabric is essential. The thicker the fabric the better the fit.

sweater dress
sweater dress

The right foundation/undergarment is another key factor to a flattering outcome. You want to look as smooth and polished as possible, so a good pair of spanx or whatever undergarment you choose will aid in this. Hence, why I recommend staying away from the cheaper/thinner sweater dress fabrics as it highlights all lumps and bumps and areas we may not necessarily want on display.

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