Dear 2017...

Am I the only one that chooses a theme for each year? I've never really been a resolutions kind of girl because I feel like psychologically putting that title on my goals sets me up to eventually break them and it makes them more of a short term thing vs. a long term goal/lifestyle change. Assessing and reflecting on my growth, the goals I've accomplished and the ones in which I've fell short, is one of my traditions going into a new year and throughout the year. This process helps me to remain centered and focused on my growth and truth be told we all can benefit from a little (or a lot) of self-evaluation every now and then.

Last year I declared 2016 the year of action and I must say I accomplished a lot but it turned out it was also the year of growth for me, in all areas. It was very challenging at times and forced me to view myself and others in a very different light but God knew what he was doing. It's been said that sometimes God will not change the situation but will change you and or your perspective/thinking regarding the situation. I'm truly grateful for the enlightment and shift in perspective.

So, transitioning into 2017 I have a much broader perspective of my journey and life itself. I'm claiming this year, the year of elevation in all facets of my life. (Health, fitness, business, spiritually, mentally, and socially) There's always room to grow but I am determined to take things to a new level and higher heights with the direction /guidance from God.

Another thing I've found helpful to successfully accomplishing goals I've set for myself is not only just writing them out and keeping them visible but also creating a plan of action regarding how I am to go about accomplishing these goals.

Anywho, I encourage all of you to go forth in your purpose and passion. Don't hold back! There's no time like the present. Eliminate the excuses. Just make it happen!! The timing will never be 100% right. Just pray on it and hit the ground running. Life is too short and my motto is, "Be You, Do You and Live Life to Capacity." So, what are some of your goals or theme for this year? Please do share!

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