Kimono Vibin'

Y’all, this week I had to consistently remind myself not to question why things are happening to me but focus on what those things are intended to teach me. Learning to reframe our thoughts and shift our perspective is so vital for growth and personal development. Life has many unexpected twists and turns but one thing I’ve learned in my thirty something years on this earth, God will NEVER give me anything I can’t handle and everything is all part of his greater plan. Having a listening ear, open heart, and a spirit of obedience will get you through. I’m nowhere near perfect but I am determined to continue to evolve into the best version of myself that I possibly can. It feels good when you get to a place where you don’t trip and fall all out of wack over the very same things that would’ve triggered the heck out of you just a year or two ago. Won’t he do it! (Insert a praise break right here) Grateful for perspective and divine intervention.


ensemble deets:

Kimono-Target, Jeans-Zara, Sandals-Zara, Purse-c/o F21, Hat-Amazon

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