How to Rock the Patch Trend

Hey Loves!

One of the trends I am really loving still in 2017 is the patch trend. It's so fun and sporty. I have wanted a pair of patch boyfriend jeans for quite sometime now. However, the ones I loved were out of the price range I was willing to pay for a trendy item. At one point I even considered making it a DIY project and then low and behold one late night while doing some online shopping for a client, I stumbled upon these cuties! Threw them in my shopping cart along with another pair of embellished denim that will be making it's way to the blog soon and boom that was all she wrote. I just love the fun/urban vibe! What say you? Are you here for the patch trend? Below are some fun tips re: how to rock the patch trend.

Tip #1: Less is More

Stick with one piece. Head to toe patches are over kill. Commit to one piece per look and allow it to do all of the talking.

Tip #2: Think Outside the Box

The typical way to style a patch jacket, sweater, top would be with a pair of denim, or a pair of tights, as it's perceived as a casual garment. However, why not step outside of the box and pair it with a fab pleated midi skirt or with a leather pencil skirt? If you have a pair of patch jeans (as I am wearing in today's post) why not dress it up a bit with a boyfriend blazer or structured blazer? Also, adding a fur jacket would be a great styling option, as well.

Here's a little more inspiration of ways to incorporate the patch trend into your wardrobe. (Photo collage photos were taken from Pinterest, Zara, and Shein)

Tip #3: DIY

If you're unable to find a pair you love, why not make a DIY project out of it? Simply visit your local thrift store and purchase a pair of boyfriend jeans or whatever type of garment you'd like to add patches to and look at ebay or amazon for different kinds of patches to customize your garment. Good thing about this is it's one of a kind and exactly what you want. I hope these tips have helped you in possibly giving the patch trend a try.

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