Be Careful Whom You Invest In

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So, you should know by now that I try to be as transparent as possible on my blog and often will share life tips, lessons, and blessings. So, today I want to chat about investing in the right people and share my experience, with the hopes that it will encourage, inspire, or bless someone else.

So, throughout the years, I realized that some of the people I had around me who I truly thought were lifetime "friends" were really nothing more than opportunist, users, and abusers. I'm a firm believer that in any relationship it's vital for both people to add value. However, what I noticed is I wasn't getting a return on my investment, in some of my "friendships". I would exert time, energy, love, kindness, loyalty, consistency, support, etc. into relationships but when I had a need, it was ghost town. It was very humbling and hurtful while going through the process and I would ask God, "Why do some of my relationships lack reciprocity?"  but through it all he taught me a very valuable lesson(s). I was letting the wrong people sit at my table. I was being way too open to people who hadn't earn a spot in my personal life. I went into relationships a little unguarded and sometimes way too optimistic. So, I came to a point in my life where I realized I was giving so much that I didn't reserve enough for me and I didn't have people around me to pour back into me when I needed it. A painful experience but once I got it and understood it my life changed so much.

Floral Cut Out Dress, Fringe Sandals, and Metallic Clutch
Floral Cut Out Dress, Metallic Clutch, and Fringe Heels

Now, I still do and give from the kindness of my heart and spread love and do for others as God leads me to because that's the Christian thing to do :-). However, I am very careful and particular with who I allow in my personal space. Investing in the wrong people also taught me to truly love and appreciate those near and dear to me. I was starting to realize I was turning into someone who was starving the people and things that mattered the most, giving them mere crumbs and half bites of me, yet I was feeding and investing in some of the most ungrateful people. This was truly my "A Ha moment". 

Floral Cut Out Dress, Fringe Heels, Metallic Clutch
Floral Cut Out Dress, Metallic Clutch, and Fringe Sandals

I am extremely grateful for those experiences because they truly helped strengthen my relationship with God in a major way, as it made me rely on him, depend on him, and talk to him so much more. Sometimes God will allow certain things to play out to draw you closer to him because that's the only way he can get your attention. So, now I make sure to keep him first. I also refuse to entertain certain kinds of people. I pay very close attention to red flags and problematic behaviors and not in a judgemental, "looking for perfection" kind of way but having the discernment to separate mere humanity from poor character. Let me tell you my life is so peaceful now...and this isn't only applicable to friendships, it should be applicable to all relationships. You have to put people through a filter and pray on them and ask God for guidance regarding who you should and shouldn't allow in your life/circle. Invest in the right people, friendships, business partners, marital partner, etc. Having a strong supportive, reliable, loving tribe is so important for growth. So, I encourage you to make good investments when it comes to your relationships.

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Floral Cut Out Dress, Pink Metallic Clutch, and Fringe SAndals

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