Thriving Despite Your Circumstances

One thing I realized is that everything you experience in life is relative to your perspective. Perspective has so much POWER. If you can change your perspective and attitude regarding a lot of things, you have the ability to thrive and succeed in almost anything you do, especially if it's meant for you! The saying, "Your perception is your reality", is very true! How you perceive things to be, so it will be. Negative self talk and self doubt will stunt your growth and keep you complacent. Speak positive over all things and watch what happens.

Statement Coat
ColorBlock Coat
Sweater Dress and Orange Sock boots

Don't focus so much on where you are now and on the excuses as to why your new business idea can't work, or why you can't move on from a dead relationship/job, or why you'll never find anyone, or why you'll never have that house you want, or car you want, or that dream job. Work with what you have. The bible says, "Thou have been faithful over a few things and I will make you ruler over many things." (Matthew 25:23) Get creative with your thinking and talents and watch doors open up and things begin to flourish. Regardless of your circumstances, be positive, grind, show up, and do your best in everything, and STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Be bold, courageous, and hopeful in your actions,attitude, and self-talk. God has equipped you with the very tools and resources you need to get started on what it is you want/need in life. Change your perspective, it'll change your life! :-) Be blessed Dolls! XOXO

Fedora, Color Block Statement Coat, Orange Booties
Statement Coat and Orange Booties
Orange Color Block Coat

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Coat-c/o Shein, Hat-Amazon, Sweater Dress-F21, Booties-UrbanOg, Earrings-Asos, Purse-Chanel

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