Thrifting 101: The Basics

Happy Thursday Loves!!

So, if you follow me on instagram (which you totally should be, click here to follow), then you'll know from my insta-story haul that I recently went thrifting and scored some great pieces, including the blazer in today's post. It's been so long since I've had a good ole' thrifting trip and I definitely will be embarking on another one once the weather breaks. Thrifting is something I prefer not to go into blindly, I have basic rules in place. Here are some basic tips on having a successful and productive thrifting experience.


1. Make a List

Making a list is imperative for me. I need some type of structure when entering the thrift store because you can easily get lost in the sauce. In the past I've found myself buying unnecessary items because they're cheap and never wearing them. From that experience, I've learned to brainstorm on the items I'm looking for and stick to those items only. Now, I am not so restricted to my list that I'll pass on a bomb find or gem if I stumble upon it. The list just keeps me focus to avoid being overwhelmed and making regretful purchases.


2. Start with Basics

Blazers, Jewelry, Vintage Denim, Fun prints and color are all the basics I like to stock in my closet and the thrift store is a great place for these basic pieces  for the low low and you'll find some truly unique gems.


3. Wear something fitted and comfy

Some thrift stores do not have fitting rooms, so wearing something fitted allows you the opportunity to try items on over your clothes to get an idea of the fit. This is important because most thrift stores do not allow returns.


4. Make sure to thoroughly check your garments

Nothing like falling in love with a item and getting it home in good light and noticing a stain, rip, or tear. Now you're stuck with a garment that cost you $2-$10 that now may be double or triple that to repair, if it's repairable at all. So, take your time and do a thorough inspection of any item(s) you purchase.


5. Have a Budget

Due to the fact that everything is so cheap compared to retail prices, we can sometime over do it and spend way more than we need to out of sheer excitement on all the great finds, Set a budget and stick to it.


6. Visit on Sale Days

Yes, thrift stores have sales on a weekly bases. It may be every Sunday the entire store is 40% off or every Tuesday the items with a red sticker are 50% off, or on Wednesdays all work wear is 20% off. Make sure you call to find out the days the thrift store you will be visiting is running their special, every dollar matters. :-)


7. Go Alone or Bring Someone who "gets it".

Nothings worse than constantly being distracted while trying to shop with someone who doesn't want to be there and is rushing to leave. If you don;t have a shopping buddy that is open to the thrifting experience then let them sit that shopping trip out. You're there with a purpose and a plan.


8. Don't focus on the tag size

Vintage items are all over the place when it comes to sizing. If it looks like it will fit, try it on. My items are a huge range in be open to trying on clothing outside of your US size.


ensemble deets:

Blazer-Thrifted for $2-$5, T-Shirt-Zara, Denim-Zara, Boots-c/o Shoedazzle, Purse-Chanel

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