Snatched: The Importance of Accessories

Good Day Lovelies!

How frieking ca-yute is this bag? I mean does it not bring an instant feeling of glee?! When I spotted this bag via Marshall's last year, I absolutely had to have it. Anywho, so let's chat about the importance of accessories. They really are what I like to refer to as "the finisher'. It pulls your look together and stamps it with an exclamation point. Accessories can literally make or break any look.

Gingham and Midi Dress

I've seen an outfit go from Basic Betty to Stylista with a simple touch of the right accessory, whether that be the perfect shoe, necklace, bag, earrings, etc. Take this look for example, the accessories essentially make the look. If you remove the belt, red pumps, and bag, this look is very basic and we don't aim to be basic over here. :-) With the simple additions of two pops of color and a belt to add some silhouette, to an otherwise frumpy garment, the look is pulled together and looks like something.

Style & Poise: Snatched

I am not a fan of accessory over kill, although, some fashion guru's can pull it off in an effortlessly chic way. Too much takes your look from cute to over the top and tacky. Over accessorizing can be distracting and cheapen your ensemble. So, when in doubt remember Less is More.

Style & Poise: Snatched

Accessories is also a great way to define your signature style, whatever that may be. So, using my style as an example, I love cutesy, fun, colorful, feminine looks. So, typically I utilize my accessories to add this particular vibe/element to my looks. Someone else may have a knack for dope sunglasses, so that's the accessory they'll play up. Someone else may have more of a hipster/boho chic vibe, so various hats, headpieces, stack-able necklaces, and bracelets would be a great way to hone in on that particular style aesthetic.

Either way have fun and experiment when accessorizing. :-)

Style & Poise: Snatched-Gingham print  and Black Midi dress

ensemble deets:

Dress-BooHoo, Heels-Jimmy Choo, Purse-Marshall's, Blouse-Asos