Life Chat: The Importance of Sisterhood

Good Day Loves!

For many many many years I was very leery of friendships/relationships specifically with women. There was a major trust issue, of course, from several life experiences which for many years left me extremely guarded and very hard to connect with, when forming friendships and relationships. My experiences truly did harden me, at the time I didn't realize how bad it was and how my response or defense mechanism to these past behaviors was actually more detrimental to me than it was to anyone else. In an effort to protect my space, my heart, and my safety, I chose two mechanisms: Avoid and Isolate. I avoided any type of real interaction with other women and kept all conversations and interactions very surface. Never really allowing people the opportunity to get to truly know me and connect with me. I was very strategic in how I interacted with certain people and what information I shared, which truth be told was very minimal for the most part.

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Being cautious in pursuing new friendships and relationships is still essential but I realize you have to give people the opportunity to show you who they are, as that's how trust and a solid connection is built. I have prayed for the looooooooongest for God to send me a genuine, real, true sister tribe and although, I am not 100% there, God has definitely bought some AMAZING women in my life in the past few years and I am so appreciative because they have had such a positive effect on my growth as a person, woman, friend, entrepreneur, Christian, etc. I am truly realizing how valuable and essential it is to have a strong support system around you of women who uplift you, truly love you, and who want what's best for you with nothing but positive vibes to offer. Also, women who are real/genuine and will get you together when it's needed, because who wants a circle of YES people around? That's beneficial to no one.  I've also learned on this friendship journey of mine that we have to allow people to be people and accept that we are all human and will make mistakes along the way.  I've gotten into the habit of going into these relationships with minimum expectations, just allowing things to happen organically. I don't know about y'all but I can't stand forced connections. If we connect, great...if we don't that's ok too. :-)

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