How to Slay the Ruffle Trend

Greetings Lovelies!

Unless you've been living under a rock then you definitely know that ruffles are all the rage this season and I have been and will always be here for a good ruffle. They're so feminine and a little over the top and are definitely attention grabbers. My wardrobe is filled with over the top ruffle pieces and I LIVE for it. Here are a couple of tips when it comes to the ruffle trend.

Ruffle Off the Shoulder Top, Ruffle Trend, Distressed White Denim, Chanel Purse, Fur Slides
Off the Shoulder Top, Distressed White Denim, Fur Slides and Chanel Purse
Off the Shoulder Top, White Distressed Denim, Chanel Caviar Maxi Purse, Fur Slides

Style Tip #1: Be careful of the Overkill

If you're not completely comfortable and confident with this trend, then my suggestion is keep it simple. You don't want to look like a Mariachi dancer. Too many ruffles can come off very "costumish" and that's never the style goal unless of course you're going to a themed or costume party. If you're unsure about what's too much a rule of thumb is wear one ruffle piece as your statement. When wearing one piece, such as a dress or jumpsuit, try and keep the accessories cute and minimal to allow the ruffle piece to be the main focus of your ensemble. (Inspiration Below)

Style Tip #2: Keep it Balanced

Proportions play a major role in styling ruffles. When styling separates, especially if working with a voluminous ruffle piece, keep the opposite half of the look sleek and/or minimal. You want to avoid the possibility of the pieces competing with each other, as the ruffle piece should be the focal point of the outfit. For example, if you're wearing a ruffle bottom, try pairing it with a sleek bodysuit or even a crop top. (Inspiration Below)

Off the shoulder Ruffle Top, White Distressed Denim, Chanel Maxi Purse, Fur Slides
How to Slay the Ruffle Trend

Style Tip #3: Think Outside the Box

Try to pair ruffle pieces with unexpected style aesthetics that wouldn't typically be paired together. For example, pairing a voluminous ruffle skirt with a button up blouse is unexpected but it pairs well as the top portion gives the business up top vibe and the ruffle bottom gives the party on the bottom kind of vibe. (As pictured below)

Ruffle Skirt and Embroidered Blouse

Style Tip#4: Have Fun

This will ALWAYS be a style tip of mine for the most part. Life is too short for boring. Take risks, get creative, bring on the dramatics. Do you Boo. :-)

Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top, Distressed Skinnies, Fur Sides, Chanel Purse
Off the Shoulder Ruffle Top with Distressed Denim and Fuzzy Slides with Chanel Caviar Maxi Bag

ensemble deets:

Dress worn as a top-BooHoo, White Ripped Skinnies-Asos, Purse-Chanel, Slides-Cape Robbin via Amazon

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