Haters...most of us have encountered a few or more than a few, in our lives. It's inevitable, especially when you're really building and on the rise to growing and improving/creating a better life for yourself. However, one thing I've learned about them haters-deep down they're a fan! They're typically people who don't have their stuff together, lack motivation, and gratitude. They're unhappy with their life circumstances and find it easier to pick fault and find flaws in others, who are loving and living life, chasing their dreams and passion's and working towards what they desire in life. Meanwhile, the haters, sit around sour faced, making excuses for their shortcomings, not realizing those excuses and their misery is the very thing blocking their blessings and road to success and true happiness.

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I applaud people who actually have the courage and audacity to go out and work on improving themselves and their quality of life. It truly inspires me and motivates me. If only haters could adopt this mindset and put that energy into developing themselves and honing in on what truly makes them happy and getting to the root of why they're so unhappy...the world would be a better place. :-)

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I used to be that girl that was so easily bothered by what other people a.k.a haters thought or had to say about me but God has a way of allowing certain situations and environments to help to reshape your perspective, as well as, strengthen and mold you into the person HE needs you to be in order to elevate you to that next level. We have to deal with some adversity, opposition, and unkind people to better understand who we are and to create in us a tenacious spirit.

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There was a moment in time where I prayed for a particular position/role and God allowed me to move into it seamlessly. I was ecstatic, ready to take on the world, feeling so blessed and optimistic about my new beginning(s). Little did I know I would be confronted with so much adversity and hatred from individuals who were seemingly so unhappy, miserable, and vindictive. I NEVER experienced anything like it before. Initially, it started to break my spirit until I realized I was giving irrelevant people a.k.a haters the power to control my emotions and to plant seeds of doubt in my spirit. I had to remind myself that I am a child of the most high and as long as he is in my corner, everything will work out for my good.

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It took a lot of prayer and soul searching for me to get to that place and come to the realization that the "hate" was merely a lesson/stepping stone to prepare me for the next phase in my life and to also sharpen my character and walk as a Christian. It's so easy to love people who love you back but the real test of character is loving and being kind to those who aren't so kind and loving to you. That's the true definition of poise. Sometimes difficult individuals are placed in our lives to further develop us, to test us, and to motivate us to aim higher and go harder at what it is we want in life.

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Frankly speaking, I consider myself to be pretty secure in who I am and what I bring to the table even in circumstances where I am undermined, undervalued, and overlooked. I look at it as a MAJOR SET UP for a MAJOR COME BACK. It's an opportunity for GOD to show up and show out and show people a.k.a THE HATERS that he has all the POWER and is ruler and reign over everything. It's nothing like when the odds are stacked against you and at the perfect time God comes through with the MAJOR UPGRADE, elevating you in front of all of the naysayers. So I want to encourage you all to keep on keeping on! God will shut those haters down in due time. Say a prayer for them and keep it pushing! God's got you. Keep trusting and believing. He can and he will bless you with your hearts desire, especially when it's aligned with his purpose for your life. :-)

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