Fake It Til' You Make It

Fake it until you make it, is one of those sayings you hear every now and then but I truly feel in this new age people take this saying way too far. Faking happiness, faking love, faking financial status, faking friendships, faking relationships, etc. It's disheartening that we live in a time where we put more energy into a false representative and appearing to be something we're not for people who barely know us. If only we could put that much energy into really being happy, really loving and embracing ourselves and others, really working on true financial freedom, really fostering great relationships, etc.

Style & Poise: Striped Midi Skirt, Off the Shoulder Top, LV Speedy
Style & Poise: Midi Skirt, Off the Shoulder Top, Wooden Bangles, LV Speedy
Style & Poise; Midi Skirt and Off the Shoulder Top

Quite frankly, I, too, have fell victim to this mentality. I remember a time when I allowed the blogging aspect of my life to take over some of the reality. Spending unnecessarily on items, just to keep my content fresh, only to wear those things one time. However, as I matured and took some time to truly reflect and seek God more regarding my purpose and HIS will (not mine), I was reminded of what's really important in life. We all know I love fashion and I don't think that will ever change but it's all about balance and authenticity for me. When I make purchases now I have to really love it and it truly has to fit my lifestyle, unless it's a special occasion purchase and that too should be re-workable.

Style & Poise: Striped Midi Skirt, Off the Shoulder Top, LV Speedy Bag, Wooden Bangles
Style & Poise: Striped Midi and Off the Shoulder Top

Here are some of the ways I am working towards staying centered and focused on what matters and keeping my life authentic:

  • Making better financial decisions
  • Working on being Blessed instead of looking Blessed
  • Keeping genuine people around me
  • Genuinely supporting/helping others without the expectation of anything in return
  • Allowing God to use me
  • Pouring more energy into my loved ones and those close to me
  • Contributing something positive to this world (enough negativity exists and I choose not to be the conductor of the negativity train)

What are some of the things/goals you're working towards in being an all around better person and living a genuine life? Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! :-)


Skirt(Vintage) Similar, Top-BooHoo (Similar), Bangles-Aldo and Thrifted, Sandals-BCBG via Macy's, Purse-Louis Vuitton Speedy

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