Good Day Lovelies!

There comes a time in life where we have to take accountability for all of our decisions, whether good, bad or indifferent and understand that our lives are a response to our decisions. I've always been one to play things very safe. I don't typically like taking risks and I typically hate making impulsive decisions or decisions on a fly. I literally will stress myself out over the simplest decisions, at times. Which landed me in the hospital recently. The anxiety of not making the right decision sometimes gets the best of me. Part of it is the Capricorn in me that wants to be in control of all areas of my life and to manage them very well, strategically, and realistically. I always need a Plan A, B, C, and D and if I don't have all of the above...I go into panic mode. I've come to learn in's not possible. Sometimes you have to give up that control and just go with the flow, allowing God to lead and direct you and have TRUE faith that God's got it. I am nowhere close to perfect and that ugly thing called fear gets in my way from time to time. However, I am declaring that 2018 will be so different for me in so many ways and I'm looking forward to everything that's to come. I am making a conscious effort to pray a lot more and worry a lot less, to go with my gut, to allow things to flow, to allow God to guide my heart, soul, spirit, and mind, to not obsess over the things I can't control, to simply learn to just be, to just live and enjoy every single moment. I choose to learn and grow from the "bad" moments and cherish the good moments. So, cheers to letting go of indecisiveness and just allowing life to happen! :-)

Green Faux Fur, Black Patent Leather Booties
Green Faux fur, Black Skinnies, Patent Leather, Winter Fashion
Green Faux Fur, Patent Leather Booties, All Black Chic
Black Patent Leather Booties
Green Faux Fur, Black Skinnies, Patent Booties
Green Faux Fur, All Black, Winter Fashion

ensemble deets:

Booties-c/o ShoeDazzle,or these, Coat-Marshall's (Similar), Skinnies-Asos, Turtleneck-Asos, Purse-Chanel, Earrings-Asos, Necklace-Thrifted

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