About Me

What My Blog Represents: The intent of this blog is to showcase my personal style and to discuss all things fashion related. I am a firm believer that you do not have to spend a fortune to be stylish and that is exactly what my blog represents. It is very much possible to look FABULOUS on a budget! The key is knowing what pieces/items to invest in and what pieces are for the lower end of your budget! I hope you find my blog to be helpful and inspiring! XOXO 

Who I Am:  I have a passion for fashion and an even deeper love for shoes! I love to shop, travel, listen to music (it's my therapy, alongside shopping) and spend time with those dear and near to me. For my 9 to 5, I am a auditor in Higher Education and just recently I've delved into the world of a style and wardrobe consultant!  I am completely ecstatic to embark on this new journey and am excited to see where this path will lead.God is really shifting things in my life and opening up doors and I am eager, humbled, and grateful to be walking in my purpose.
My Style: Hmm.......How does one define style?! My fashion sense embodies a plethora of styles. I believe it's a combination of classy, girly, chic, fun, feminine, sometimes trendy, with a little bit of vintage & modern elements thrown into the mix. I definitely believe less is more. A saying that has become my daily mantra is, "Style is a way to tell people who you are without having to say a word"!