Wedding Wednesday: My Wedding Experience-Part I

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This is a lengthy post!!!!

I've received tons of requests to do a blog post regarding my wedding experience and not only that, I wanted to share such a special moment in my life with my blogger family! This post is long over due, as I am now 6 month's into my marriage but better late than never right?! :-)  I must say I learned a lot while planning my wedding! For the most part I enjoyed every aspect of it, it almost made me consider getting into the event planning business(hey, that idea may still be in the works)! I was a very hands on bride! I had a vision, I knew what I wanted and I aimed to seek out professionals who I felt could deliver just that. Some were great choices and others not so much but hey, you have to take the good with the bad! :-)

Gown Search

-So, the aesthetic that I was going for was clean, modern with a hint of vintage and glam but still also timeless. The wedding dress shopping experience was fun, interesting and also a bit discouraging at times. I went dress shopping alone for majority of my search. I knew what I wanted and didn't want to be influenced by anyone's opinion until I narrowed my dresses down to my top two. After doing so, I consulted with just a few people; my mother, my brother(he has a good eye and is very honest and candid about I value his opinion), and two of my bridesmaids prior to making the final decision. Taking this approach, kept my stress levels down and my vision clear!  My shopping experience became a little discouraging after trying on what felt like a gazillion dresses and still feeling like none of them encompassed everything I was looking for. That was until I finally stumbled upon, The One!  I am happy with the dress I ultimately chose, it had all of the elements I was searching for. However, it's only right I be completely candid with you guys. Curves are needed for the dress I chose!! When I initially tried it on I was heavier, had hips and a booty; so it looked great, hugged me right.....was perfection in my eyes. After selecting and purchasing my dress, I went on a mission to be a certain size and to look a certain way and ended up, unintentionally, losing all of my curves. So because of this I didn't completely love my dress on me, come wedding day! Nonetheless, I am still happy with the outcome. :-)

Click on image to see a larger view. 

The little blue gem on my garter was my "something blue". 

My bouquet was a disappointment; although it is nice and pretty, it was not what I contracted nor the look I was going for. However, I refused to let this mess up my day, so I shrugged it off and kept it moving! To all future bride's try your best not to sweat the small stuff, no matter how much you plan and prepare, something will go wrong!

Another note to future brides, make sure to set aside time for solo shots with your photographers. I forgot and ended up with only a few solo portraits. The hubby, on the other hand, made sure to have his mini GQ photo!

We went against tradition and decided to do a "First Look" before the ceremony. It was nice to have an intimate moment to ourselves and also to have the opportunity to take a good amount of wedding photos without rushing to squeeze them in during cocktail hour.

My Gown and Sash by-Vera Wang

Hubby's Tuxedo and Tie was custom made by-Nana Boateng

The hubby whispering sweet nothings into my ear, he's such a charmer!

My shoes-Christian Louboutin

Hubby's shoes-Vivienne Westwood

All smiles and ready to go get my man! :-)

A couple of final touches in the bridal suite before walking down the aisle. 

Bridesmaids Dress Selection- 

So, I wanted my girls to wear a dress which complimented mine, was flattering on everyone, and went with the feel of my wedding. So, I chose a satin dress with a mermaid silhouette for my bridesmaids. You have to be careful with satin material though, some can look/photograph cheap. I prefer the more subtle satin, not the super shiny satin; just my preference :-) Purple is one of my favorite colors and the dress I chose came in three shades of purple, two that I fell in love with. I felt having everyone in eggplant could come across as boring and I also felt that having everyone in the lilac dress looks kind of juvenile(just my opinion), so I decided to do both.Who says it has to be completely uniform?!

These girls held me down, love them DEARLY!!!  

 Love this shot of the ladies helping each other get ready!

Selfie Time!!

Catching a breather in the bridal suite before show time!

Choosing Your Wedding Party

-I have to admit, I went into this process a tad bit naive and trying to be a "people pleaser"! My advice to future brides is to be very careful who you select to be a part of  your big day, this goes for the vendor selection as well. You spend a lot of time, money, and energy in preparing for such a momentous occasion and you want to be surrounded by love and precious memories. Don't worry about hurting someones feelings because you didn't include them, chances are if you have some reservations about someone, your gut is right! Make sure the people you choose to be a part of your day are truly there for you and truly support you and your spouse and are genuinely happy for the both of you. I will not go into too much more detail regarding this but what I will say is, "Real situations expose Real people". Since my wedding; some relationships are closer and stronger than I could've imagined, some are now fragile and others no longer exist. All in all, it is a lesson learned and I embraced and endured the process! Thankfully, this was really my only major wedding woe. :-)

 The hubby has a vast collection of sneakers, especially Jordans. So this gangsta photo in the sneaker store was very fitting!! (Thanks to my bridesmaid, TJ for suggesting this)!

 The guys and their GQ poses, stylin'!

The purple socks idea was all mine. It was one of the gifts we gave to our groomsmen. I'll be honest the hubby and most of the groomsmen hated the purple socks but they were such good sports and wore them for me anyway!  :-)

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

Part II-Coming Soon!