Corporate Chic: Stripes and Pleats

Greetings To All !!!

I am so excited for the Spring-like forecast we've been having this week! You know what that means....bare legs and maybe a toe or two exposed for me! I am milking this weather because I'm still not ready to embrace the Fall just yet! About my look...I purchased the below top almost a year and a half ago and completely forgot about it. I truly have a bad habit of doing this. I have to do better! The skirt I scored for $5 bucks from F21, I couldn't pass that up! Anywho, this was my look! Hope you Enjoy! XOXO
What I Am Wearing:

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Corporate Chic: Neon and Snake

Greetings to my fellow bloggers and all of my lovely followers!!!

I am in the process of purging my closet to make room for more pieces and see exactly what it is I need for the Fall/Winter. One of the items on my must-have list was more pencil skirts(preferably printed). I have a lot of solid pencil skirts but none with prints. I ordered this pencil skirt online from Target and I adore it. I originally set out to wear my neon yellow top but last minute decided to sport my neon pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month.
What I Am Wearing:
Jacket-Arden B
Shoes-Christian Louboutin Pigalle

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Relaxed Monday: Printed Maxi Skirt

Greeting Ladies!

Hoping everyone had a great weekend! Today I wore a handmade skirt I purchased from Etsy quite some time ago. It is so comfy and I love the bright colors, definitely an uplift in my mood considering the rainy forecast today. I was happy to see that this skirt fit a lot more loose than the last time I wore it! :-)  Anywho, I am keeping this one short and sweet. Hope Ya Enjoy! Wishing everyone a BLESSED week! XOXO

What I Am Wearing:
Maxi Skirt-Etsy
Collar Shirt-F21
Wedges-Jessica Simpson
Necklace-Can't Remember(some random website that was running a special awhile ago)

As Always, THANKS SO MUCH, for stopping by! XOXO