Corporate Chic: Polka Dots and Leopard

 Top of the Week to All!

Hoping everyone had a joyous weekend. My weekend was event filled and productive. One of my good friends/bridesmaids came down from CT for a quick impromptu visit. My honey and I will be taking our engagment photos this week, so my mother and I took a drive to the location to get an idea of some photo op's. It was a nice little get away. I am pretty psyched about our upcoming shoot :-) I was going nuts over what to wear, because I wasn't sure what was appropriate to wear for an engagement shoot. So, I decided not to over think things and just kept it basic and simple and decided to do three outfit looks; casual, semi-formal, and a cocktail look. I am so anxious...I hope everything turns out well! My honey doesn't really like to take pictures, so in result we have very few pictures together. So, I'm really looking forward to our engagement session, so I can have some nice photos of us to put up in the house and for memories sake. Anywho, this was my work look from last week, which I am clearly a little delayed in posting. Wishing everyone a BLESSED week! XOXO

I have no idea why my face is blurry in every photo...apologies! :-(

What I Am Wearing:
Dress-Target(Very Old)
Shoes-Wild Pair(Old)
Bracelet-Top Shop
Belt-T.J. Maxx

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Corporate Chic: Cool Tones and Weird Encounters

Greetings Everyone!

Hoping everyones week is going well thus far!  I'm back with more green...loving the green's, I tell ya!  This photo shoot was an interesting/awkward one to say the least. I was on my way to a meeting and happened to notice a little hidden lake, which I've passed several times but never really realized it was there. I was so intrigued I immediately stopped to have an impromptu outfit shoot. In the process of unloading my tripod, camera, etc. from my car, a guy pulls up and says, "beautiful scenery right?" I nod my head in agreement and smile and continue on my way. I assumed he drove off and continued on his merry way. As I am setting up my tripod I feel someone approaching, of course it's the guy. He proceeded to ask a million questions...I was polite but short with my responses hoping he'd get the point that I didn't want to be bothered and go away. After a barrage of questions, he then proceeds to sit down, literally 3 feet away from me and intensely/creepishly stares while I took my photos, all the while obnoxiously screaming statements like, "You're beautiful!" "oh, I wish I could have a woman like you!" "Work it model!" "A woman like you makes me want to do manly things!"....WHAT?!?! What the heck does that mean?! It was at this point, I began to question my safety and his sanity needless to say, I cut my photo session short, packed my stuff up and got out of dodge. I didn't know what he was up to and I wasn't sticking around to find out....WEIRD!!!

Anywho, I purchased this skirt from Target a couple of months ago and finally decided to wear it today. This was my work look of the day!
What I Am Wearing:
Skirt-Target(Similar skirt can be found here )
Belt-Asos(currently on sale here )
Earrings-H&M(I think)
Heels-Wild Pair(Very Old)
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Corporate Chic: Coral Polka Dot Dress

Top of the Week to All !

I stumbled upon this lil' dress on a trip to T.J. Maxx about a month ago. I love stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, Loehman's and Home Goods. You can find so many hidden gems at a discounted price! I am keeping this one pretty short, this was my work look for the day. I also tried a braid out on my hair last night..what do you ladies think? I got a bit of shrinkage but overall, I am pretty pleased with the results. It's a change up from my normal routine and curl pattern.
What I Am Wearing:
Shoes-Vivienne Westwood

As Always, I appreciate all of you for your support and taking the time out of your busy schedule to stop by and visit lil' ole' me :-)  XOXO

Comfort Chic: Floral and Stripes

Hey Ladies!

So, yesterday I went searching for bridesmaid dresses for my upcoming wedding. This is a task that I've been avoiding for quite some time; only because I know exactly what I want and I am sooooo picky. I have yet to find a dress that captures all of the elements I am looking for and the one that I found and fell in love with was INSANELY priced at $1,000. I would like a dress that goes with the theme of my wedding, as well as, compliments my dress. I've searched tons of dress sites and several bridal salons and have yet to find "the one" the search continues. The good thing is I do have some hopefully, I will come across something I love, soon. If you ladies have any ideas please feel free to pass them my way :-) Apologies for my little rant but that's what's on my mind at the present moment.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program, this was my look while dress shopping. It's a casual and somewhat flirty look. The skirt is a little shorter than I recall, so I opted to wear flats instead of the wedges I originally planned to wear.

This is the dress I fell in love with for my bridesmaids that I later found out was a whopping...$1,000 :-( 
What I Am Wearing:
Flops-Steve Madden

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Corporate Chic: Leopard

Hello Blogger Family!

Curly Roni is back :-) I must admit, it feels so good to rock my curls again.  Anywho, so...yall' remember those Zara strappy sandals that killed my feet the last time I wore them?!! Well, I gave them another try today and they were just fine! Woop! Woop! They're a keeper!! This was my work look for the day.
Looking back on this look..a chunky vintage belt would've pulled this look together very well!
What I Am Wearing:
Pencil Skirt-Target

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