Mint Green Peplum

Happy Sunday!!

Hoping everyone had a great weekend. I didn't make it to church this morning but I was able to tune into Joel Osteen. I am glad I did because his message was right on the money. In short, he spoke about how God will reward you and have your back even amidst the rough times. No matter who raises against you, God will pay you back for staying true to him and his word. Don't get discouraged or give up because God will see you through!!! Anywho, a couple of weeks ago one of my girlfriends got married and this is what I wore to the dinner rehearsal. I am loving anything in the green family, as of lately.
Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments regarding my straight hair! Unfortunately, I am going back to my naturally curly this week, the straight is a lot more maintenance with this hot weather :-/
The Bridal Party doing the infamous "fish face"! I love it :-)
The Ladies with the Man of the Hour.
What I Am Wearing:
Shoes-Steve Madden

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Vintage Lovin'-Jade Dress

Hello Blogger Family!

As of lately, it seems that I am all about the color jade/teal. Last week, I wore a little teal dress and here I am again this week with yet another Jade/teal piece. The last time I rocked this dress I was contemplating having it shortened, but I decided against it. I think the length adds to the vintage element of the dress. So, here's how I wore it today.  Hope you Enjoy!
Side Note: This post is a little pic heavy..sorry I got a lil' carried away :-)
OMG, I absolutely love these shoes and have been dying to wear them since I purchased them a few months ago but boy are they painful!!!!! By the end of the day my feet were barking something serious. A part of me wants to believe that if I wear them a few more times, I'll break them in. We shall see because I'd hate to have to give these babies up! Now, back in my hay day, I would endure the pain for beauty. However, I live a more practical lifestyle these if it isn't cute and comfy, it's not an option for me. :-)
No clue what's going on with this "head nod action" I'm giving to the camera. Smh...
What I Am Wearing:
Bracelet- Jewelmint

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Corporate Chic: Summer Florals

Top of the week to everyone! 

 Hoping you all had a great weekend. My weekend was relaxing and productive. I did a little shopping, cleaning and hanging with the loved ones. Anywho, keeping this one sweet and precise. This was my work look for the day. Wishing everyone a Blessed Week! 
Last weekend I straightened my hair for the first time in two years. It grew pretty long but I had to cut a good portion of it off because it wasn't healthy. A Lesson learned! I will make sure to keep my ends clipped every three months going forward.  
What I Am Wearing:
Pumps-Sam Edelman

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Corporate Chic: Teal and Purple

Greetings To All.

This was my work look for today. Here's yet another item I had tucked away in my closet with tags attached, since forever. Hope you Enjoy!
The color of this dress is a lot more vibrant in person...didn't photograph well. 
I must admit it took everything in me not to wear my new favorite pink pumps with this look!

What To Wear:
Shoes-Steve Madden
Necklace-J.C. Penny's
Earrings-Diamond Studs

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Weekend Wear: Vibrant Maxi

Greetings to Everyone!!! 

So, I must say I just love this maxi...the colors, the style...everything. It's been my go-to dress this summer! This is what I wore to run errands and have dinner with friends.  Hope you enjoy the pics...XOXO
Side Note..Don't mind our dead's been a VERY DRY summer! :-(
What I Am Wearing:
Flops-Chinese Laundry via Macy's

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Casual Wear: Pink and Mint


Hoping everyone had a lovely weekend. This weekend was incredibly hot and I wanted to be as cool and comfy as possible. So, a sheer blouse and short skirt was definitely what the weather called for! Saturday, I went for lunch and did a little shopping and this is what I wore. Wishing everyone a Very BLESSED week! XOXO

So, about these wedges....I saw them online but they were sold out everywhere. I showed them to the future hubby and he was such a sweetie and surprised me with them. I must say, I love them but they do require some concentration and practice to walk in. I will not steer you ladies wrong, I definitely wobbled a couple of times in these wedges. I didn't think it would be an issue because my Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk's are a piece of cake to walk in! Unfortunately, I can't say the same for these wedges. These are the type of shoes to wear when a lot of walking isn't involved and when you're on stable/flat ground. However, I do love them and hope to get some more wears out of them this summer, hopefully without injury :-)
Had to change out of my wedges and get a little more comfy to do some shopping :-)
What I Am Wearing:
Skirt-H&M Conscious Collection
Belt-Express(Super Old)
Wedges-Gifted by the boo
Bow Flops-Steve Madden

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Casual Wear: Keeping it Simple with Color Blocking

Hi Ladies!

So,  Tuesday was my honey's birthday! His only request was he wanted beef ribs. Unfortunately, neither of us were up for heading over to Manhattan to Dallas BBQ's. There aren't too many places that serve beef ribs, which I found out upon his b-day request. So, Asian Cuisine is his next best favorite that's what we did instead. The boo is pretty low-key and no-fuss, so it doesn't take much to make him happy :-) I also plan to take him on a little shopping spree next week. I think I am more excited about that than he is. I kept my look pretty simple, this is what I wore :-)

The lovely view of the NY skyline on our stroll after dinner....
What I Am Wearing:

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