Month of March-In Review

So, March is coming to a close! Where did this month go?!

I got this Monthly Style summary idea from the fabulous Jeimy! I think it's such a great idea. Well......these were my looks for the Month of March :-)

This look was my fav!
Which look was your favorite?

Wishing everyone a Blessed Weekend! XOXO

Corporate Chic: Heartfelt

Hello All! Hoping everyone's week has been going well!

I purchased this dress (which I am wearing as a blouse) from T.J. Maxx, last summer and loved the little hearts on girly and dainty. I like the pops of green hearts thrown into this blouse/dress. I decided to play that color up some more and rocked my green pumps and belt. Hope ya like! Side Note: The pictures didn't come out the best...this time around. Apologies!
What I Am Wearing:
Dress/Tunic-T.J. Maxx
Pencil Skirt-Marshall's
Green Belt-Thrifted
Green Pumps-Thrifted
Cardigan-T.J. Maxx

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Corporate Chic: Fishtail Pencil Skirt

When I saw this skirt I fell in love with it and knew I had to have it. I love the shape of it, the bright colors...everything!  I threw a blazer on because this skirt hugs my curves and exposes my bottom a little more than I'd like! So, to keep it work appropriate a blazer was a MUST. Anywho, this was my look for yesterday :-)
I know you ladies are so tired of seeing me in these shoes but they really are my favorite shoes right now....they are EXTREMELY comfortable and go with everything! But I think I am going to let them rest for awhile, "the boo" told me I wear them waaaay too!
"The Future Hubby" was in town this week, so I had a photographer for outdoor photos.. :-)
What I Am Wearing:
Shoes-Christian Louboutin
Boyfriend Blazer-H&M

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Sunday's Best: Black and White with a hint of blue

HAPPY Sunday!
It seems as though we were teased with the nice weather this past week, but I'm not complaining because I was able to wear my little leather dress one more time. This is what I wore to church today. I noticed I haven't shared the message in SUCH A LONG TIME...I need to get back on my job! Today's message, in short, spoke about building a relationship with God and listening to God's direction in our lives. Doing HIS will not OUR will. He spoke that it isn't always necessary for us to respond to the enemy! Sometimes it's best to sit still and be quiet and let God intercede. We are anointed and covered by God's grace and love and he will fight our battles for us and make our enemies our footstool, if we trust, believe and are faithful in his word and direction. This message came right on time for me. Wishing everyone a MARVELOUS and Blessed week! XOXO
When Alexander Wang came out with the Anais high heel loafer I fell in love. But for a whopping $650, I just couldn't bring myself to do it! I do splurge and believe in investing in quality/classic pieces but I think the metallic color isn't something that will be wearable forever. So, in short, when I saw these bad boys on ASOS...I had to have them.
These are my Asos heeled loafers...There no Alexander Wangs but they'll do!
These are the Alexander Wang shoes....
What I Am Wearing:
Tights-Burlington Coat Factory

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Corporate Chic: You Give Me Butterflies

Greetings Ladies!!!

I've had this blouse for years. I normally pair it with a black pencil skirt or black wide leg pants and my royal blue peep toe pumps. However, when I saw Lexy's put a different spin on it and I had to recreate it. Thanks for the inspiration, Lexy :-)  I love her blog and her style, check her out if you haven't already :-) Anywho, here's my look!
The hubby called during my mini photo shoot......
What I Am Wearing:
Blouse-Go International for Target(very old)
Shoes-Sam Edelman

As Always, THANKS SO MUCH, for stopping by :-) XOXO

Corporate Chic: It's a Garden Party!

Hoping Everyone's Weekend was GREAT!

My weekend was  pretty fab. I had a couple of house guests and also had the opportunity to get out and really enjoy the nice weather. Anywho, for those of you who follow me on instagram(stylepoise), you probably  remember I posted these pants  a couple of weeks ago to get your feedback on whether I should purchase them or not. I was torn between buying the pants or the blouse. I was also a little worried that EVERYONE was going to have these pants(and it seems that everyone does), but who cares...I like them, so I purchased them! :-)  I originally planned to style these pants with a striped blouse but I felt it was a bit much for work. So, I kept it a little more simple this time around.
I have tons of black blazers but this one is by far my favorite, the structured shoulders gives it such great shape...

What I Am Wearing:
Floral Pants-H&M

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Weekend Wear: Mixing Prints

Greetings All ! 
So, this weekend one of my good friends came to visit...we had a BLAST! We had a couple of wedding appointments, did some thrifting, and enjoyed some great cuisine :-) I have done the mixing prints trend before but I think my choices were more on the safe side, I wanted to push the envelope a little bit and this is what I came up with......

Caught Mid

What I Am Wearing:
Boots-Sam Edelman
As Always, THANKS SO MUCH, for your continued support and stopping by! XOXO

Casual Wear: Running it....

Hello Everyone!

On Wednesday it was so beautiful's days like those, when I really wish I had a photographer. But guess who went to the Wizard and got some courage?! Yup, it was me! I got a tad bit bold and went outside and set up my tripod..took like three pics, I caught my neighbor peeking through the window...and I chickened out and went back in the house! But progress is key....Anywho, this outfit is a work casual look, nothing too fancy. This vest has been a MAJOR staple in my wardrobe the past couple of seasons. I know you are all SO TIRED of seeing it..sorry, I know I've been running it. I just love it, it goes with any and everything. I wish I would have purchased the tan one, as well. Hoping everyone has a FANTABULOUS weekend :-) XOXO

 Silly Shot :-)

What I Am Wearing:
Shirt-American Eagle Outfitters
Boyfriend Jeans-Levi's
Shoes-Vivienne Westwood
Vest-Old Navy
Earrings- H&M
Purse-Gucci Tote (Winter 2010 Collection-I think)

As Always, THANKS SO MUCH, for stopping by! XOXO

Corporate Chic: Houndstooth

Greetings All !!

So, I purchased this dress last summer and it has been sitting in my closet since then, unworn. I have no idea why! Anywho, this is what I wore to work yesterday. I had all intentions of posting this last night but ended up falling asleep.....Well, keeping this one short and sweet.
I have no clue why some of my pics are a bit unfocused/blurry.
Note: Please ignore all of the shoes in the background...that's our front door entrance, so shoes accumulate in that area rather quickly.... :-)
 Playful Shot ;-)
I love the back of this dress, which I think is perfect for a nice dinner date with the future hubby! However, this time around wearing a blazer was a must to keep this look work appropriate.

What I Am Wearing:
Dress-Asos (Summer 2011)
Blazer-H&M (Fall 2010)
Pumps-Christian Louboutin-Pigalle
Earrings-Diamond Studs
Neon Necklace-F21

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