Maxi Skirt

Hello All! Hoping everyone's week has started off great!

I normally try and stick with bright/vibrant colors for the summer and spring..... However, this black maxi skirt is so comfy and I wanted to wear something that was no fuss. So, I paired it with a racerback tank and there you have it! I am still playing with my new I haven't perfected the photos and color yet, so bare with me guys.  :-)

What I Am Wearing:
Maxi Skirt-H&M
Bracelets-Random Boutique on South St.-Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Excursions

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

My friend from Connecticut came to visit and we had a BLAST!!! It was a beautiful day Saturday. Our day consisted of an early morning, two mile run, in which I almost died...I am so out of shape! I ran with a person who runs marathons quite regularly and I struggled to keep up. After our "lovely" morning exercise, what was intended to be a quick run to the store turned into a full day of events....hence, the pretty average outfit. If I would've anticipated being out all day I would've thrown on some cute wedges, bangles, and a clutch to complete this outfit. But anywho, we ended up at Reading Terminal, for those who aren't familiar it is a large food market with various types of foods from all cultures. I was so overwhelmed with the choices, I left without eating...crazy, I know! But I am sure you all can guess where we ended up for dinner...Warm Daddy's..I just love that place!!!! We also went  to South St. and did some thrifting and I found a cute floral blouse. Here are some pics from our day.
Check out the lovely spot I found for an impromptu photo shoot. My outfit was ok(not necessarily blog worthy) but when I saw this spot I had to take pictures! 
Had a "semi-" Marilyn Monroe moment.

My Jambalaya, Macaroni & Cheese, and Yams from Warm Daddy's..mmmm mmm...good!
Here is the Floral Blouse I purchased while thrifting. It's from the H&M-Garden Collection. 
My signature, "Super Woman" pose...smh!
What I Am Wearing:
Green Ruffle Dress-H&M
Bow Flops-Steve Madden
Ring-Random Boutique in Philly

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Vintage Loving: Striped Midi

Hi Everyone! Hoping that you all are having a wonderful/blessed week!

I am currently loving vintage clothing, particularly, the 50's and 70's era. I think the silhouette of the clothing from both era's are so feminine but yet so classy. My family thought I was crazy when I started scouring vintage/thrift stores and rummaging through my mother's closet; looking for dresses, clutches, skirts, etc. I am the least bit of snooty, but for some reason I could never get with the idea of wearing "used" clothing. However, I went out on a limb and tried it and found some cute items for my wardrobe this season. I will be debuting all of these items, I'm sure! Well, here is one of my newly found items, a tangerine and white striped midi skirt. Hope you like!

I wasn't too sure about this length on me because I am so short and I felt it made me look even shorter! However, I threw on a heel to give me some height...what do you think?

What I Am Wearing:
Denim Jacket-Thrifted(Gap)
Earrings-Forever 21
Striped Midi Skirt-Vintage
Skinny Belt-H&M
Shoes-Gifted(Michael Kors)

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Corporate Chic: Denim Maxi

I want to send a HUGE WELCOME to my new followers and a BIG HELLO to my good and faithful followers. Thank you all for the support, it means so much to me!

Well, according to the weather report, this week will be a rainy/stormy one. So, with that being said...this will be a low key week for me. I normally go comfy and casual when I am expecting bad weather.

On another note, I realized that I haven't shared my Sunday message in awhile. This past Sunday's message hit home for me. The message title was, "Serving Christ is Helping Others!" This was a wake up call for me. It made me reflect and ask myself what have I done to help someone else lately? What am I doing daily to uplift someone? The pastor also reminded us that we have to be careful with our encounter with strangers because we never know who could be an angel in disguise. So, it's always best to treat people right and do the right thing, regardless of who is watching! Well, is my comfy/casual look!

My infamous..."Super Woman" pose...I really need to work on my poses! 

What I Am Wearing:
Denim Maxi Dress-Ross(purchased last year)
Yellow/Mustard Cardigan-Forever 21
Ring-Random Boutique in Philly
Necklace-Aldo(purchased last year)

Father's Day..

My father is relocating to North Carolina, so this was our last gathering before he leaves. So, he came to Philly and my brother and I took him to Warm Daddy's...I can't seem to get enough of that place! Anywho, it was hot and I didn't have much time to get ready, 20 minutes to be exact, so I went pretty casual! Here is a couple of pictures from our evening. We had a good time! Happy Father's day to all the father's and mother's too!  I want to give a HUGE thank-you to Black Style Central for featuring me on their website. I am extremely honored! Check it out here, there are some fabulous bloggers who were featured as well ! I also want to send a big thanks to High Heels & Good Meals for the lovely blog award. Check out this fashionista's!

The cornbread didn't last two minutes once the waitress placed it on the table...soooo good!

What I Am Wearing:
Shirt-Forever 21
Shorts-Forever 21
Clutch-TJ Max
Bow Flops-Steve Madden
Necklace-Vera Wang for Khol's
Turquoise Ring-Charlotte Russe

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Corporate Chic: BDIB-Neons and Neutrals

Hello All !!

It's that time again the "Bloggers Do It Better Challenge", hosted by the lovely Kristina!!!!  You can check it out here. This week's challenge is Neons and Neutrals and I am liking this trend. There are so many trends that I am really digging this season!!! Anywho, without further ado, here is my look! I am really into the boyfriend style clothing paired with a feminine don't be surprised if you see me rocking this combo again :-)

 I think the feminine pleated skirt paired with the oversized boyfriend shirt is so chic.

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What I Am Wearing:
Pleated Skirt-American Apparel
Neon Collar Shirt-H&M
Brown Skinny Belt-H&M
Nude Pumps-Steve Madden
Bracelet-Forever 21
Yellow Clutch-H&M

One girl's trash is another girl's treasure.....

Hoping everyone is having an enjoyable weekend! So, a good friend of mine came up with the great idea of hosting a "SWAP" party. It was such great fun! She invited a few close friends and we all bought items which we no longer wanted or that we have never worn, whether it be because we out grew it or whatever the case. We then exchanged items with each other. It was a good time. You know the saying, "One Mans Trash is another man's treasure"! And this saying proved to be true. People bought some cool things and I was able to get rid of so many things that I've been meaning to drop off at the she def. saved me a trip! Anywho, here is what I wore and here are a few pictures from the party. Thanks for checking my blog!! XOXO

 I LOVE these wedges! They will make plenty of appearances on my blog this season, I'm sure. 

What I am Wearing:
Denim Dress-H&M
Belt-Charlotte Russe
Tribal Wedges-Aldo Forewood
Gold Watch-Loehman's
Earrings-Solo's Closet (South st.-Philadelphia)

My Floral Obsession

So, as you probably have already figured out, floral is a major staple in my wardrobe this spring and for the upcoming summer season. This is so weird for me because I used to be a girl who HATED floral print! All floral print reminded me of a bad table cloth, no matter the pattern. However, I am no longer that girl! I have turned my hate relationship for floral into a LOVE relationship. So, here is, yet another outfit showcasing a floral print. I was headed to dinner and to explore Philadelphia with my mother. She came to visit this weekend and we had a great time. We enjoyed some delicious food from one of my favorite soul food restaurants, Warm Daddy's! If you're ever in the Philadelphia area, check it out! Anywho, here is my look..hope ya like.

I loved these shoes so much I have them in two colors! You can see me wearing them in the other color from a previous blog post... here.

What I Am Wearing:
 Floral Blouse-Forever 21
Shoes-Vivienne Westwood
Bracelets-Forever 21 and Aldo
Necklace-Forever 21

Corporate Chic: Orange Pleats

Happy Thursday!!!!

This post is a little late, this is actually what I wore Tuesday. I am really digging the bright colors this season! Anywho, on to what I wore.....

Sorry, for the oily face..long hot day!!!

Love this pleated vibrant and flowy!!!

What I Am Wearing:
Orange Pleated Skirt-H&M
Boyfriend Denim Shirt-Forever 21
Bracelets-Aldo and H&M
Taupe Sandals-BCBG
Nail Polish-China Glaze(Lemon Fizz)
Pearl Studs-Random
Nude Clutch-Thrifted

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