Memorial Day-Coral and Mint

 Hoping everyone had a relaxing & enjoyable weekend! On Memorial Day, the "bf" and I decided to get out and enjoy the gorgeous day. We went shopping(well, more like I went shopping..), we saw Jumping the Broom, which was an EXCELLENT movie. So many things I could relate to in this movie and loved the messages throughout the movie. I highly recommend it, if you haven't already seen it! We also went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants and then took a stroll by the water. It was definitely a fun filled and relaxing day! Here is my look!

 The "bf" said something funny....having a laugh attack! Lol...
Couldn't get myself together, still laughing....smh!
So Yummy in my Tummy....Chicken Enchilada, Soft Beef Taco, and Chicken Tostado
You would think the "photographer" would've told me my skirt was falling down..Men!

What I Am Wearing:
Sandals-BCBG(purchased last year)
Top and Skirt-Forever 21
Accessories-H&M and Aldo
Bag-Louis Vuitton Speedy
Nail Polish-China Glaze(Lemon Fizz)
Lip Gloss-Lorac Tie Dye Edition
Eye Shadow-Elf Neutral Palette

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Sunday Blues

Wishing everyone a great Sunday and Memorial Day Weekend!
Today, I went to church and heard a wonderful message which caused for some serious reflection in my own life! We had a visiting preacher today and she was GREAT! Her sermon was about honoring God. She spoke about the way we dress, talk, and act should be a reflection of God and an honor to him. She talked about honoring God and his word, even when it compromises our popularity. Loved this message!!!! Anywho, here is my Sunday was a gorgeous day and I hope to get out and enjoy it!  Thanks for checking out my blog!! Please keep our troops in mind and in your prayers as we celebrate this Memorial day and Be Safe!!!  XOXO

 I think the camera/flash makes my blouse appear more sheer than it really is. I don't think you could see the racerback tank as vivid as the picture is least I hope not....

Broke my middle nail on the way to pardon! 

What I Am Wearing:
Sheer Blouse-Forever 21
Skirt-Target (I’ve had this skirt for quite some time now)
Shoes-Aldo (I’ve also had these for a couple of years)
Silver Multi-Strand Beaded Necklace-Loehman’s
Royal Blue Marble Ring-Etsy
Silver Stud Earrings-Kohl's
Black Belt-Can’t remember
Nail Polish-Sinful Colors(Big Daddy)
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Corporate Chic: Orange Ruffles

Hello All!!!

I am back with more ruffles...told you I LOVE me some ruffles! My orange nail polish was the inspiration for this look. I took these pictures at work! I didn't have time before I left home this morning and was heading to the gym after, I had no choice :-)  So, here is my work look!

Please excuse the hair, it rained all last week, as well as, this week...and my hair doesn't like the rain and/or humidity. 

I was on my lunch break, so please ignore the game that was in progress on my computer screen...

What I am Wearing:
Blouse-Over three years old, not sure where I purchased it
Black Pants-The Limited
Leopard Shoes-Wild Pair(Over four years old)
Sequined Bow Ring-Random Boutique in Philadelphia
Black Gold Buckle Belt-Ross
Blush-Nars(Taj Mahal)
Nail Polish-Sinful Colors(Big Daddy)

My April and May Favorites!

I want to give a huge Welcome to my new followers and A big HELLO to my old followers and those just stopping by :-) are several items that I have been using recently that I just LOVE!!!!

Side Note: I also included my you tube video discussing the products in more detail. Feel free to take a glance :-)

1.) Shea Moisture Shampoo and Deep Conditioner- These products work so well for my hair type. I think my hair type is 3a/3b! It gives me the moisture and shine I need. The deep conditioner really works wonders. I tried  to subsitute a different conditioner a month or so ago and EPIC hair texture was so dry and brittle...HATED IT! So, the above products are my go-to's. I hope they never discontinue these products. You can purchase the shampoo, here and the conditioner, here!

2.) Kinky Curly Leave-In Conditoner and Kinky Curly Curling Custard-Again, what would I do without these products?! I am natural with the exception of a little bit of highlights in the front part of my hair. My definiton of "natural" means I have no chemical altering products in my hair and I wear my hair in it's natural state. Anywho, I have been wearing my hair "curly" for well over seven months now. I haven't straightened it or anything. So, I went on a CRAZY search for the right products. For awhile, I was a product junkie trying any and everything...but once I stumbled upon Kinky Curly...the search was put to rest! Very pleased with the results I get! You can purchase both products here and here.

3.) Jane Carter Light Moisture Cream-My hair isn't the thickest. I would probably consider my hair to be medium to fine, so with that being said, if I put anything too heavy in my hair it weighs it down and looks oily/stringy and for lack of better words...A HOT MESS!!!! This stuff has a nice citrus smell to it and it gives me just enough sheen to my hair, when needed. Can be purchased here.

4.) Aldo Vintage Purse-Love this bag..toyed for awhile about getting it but glad I did. Can be purchased here.

5.)Colossal Mascara-I have tried every mascara known to man..high end and low! Nothing compares to the results I recieve with this mascara. I will never use anything else. This gets the job done and leaves my lashes looking Oh So Fab! It lengthens them as well as thickens them. You can purchase it here.

6.) Mary Kay eyesicles. So easy, gives you enough shimmer, that you're not doing too much but doing enough. This is my everyday work look!

7.) Lorac Tie-Dye Lipglosses. I purchased a pack of five,of these lip glosses from Sephora sometime ago when they were on sale...regular value-$40 and I purchased them for $25. Glad I did...these lipglosses are a perfect blend of "just the right" pigementation and shine. I am not really a lipstick girl unless I am going out, out! So, I love my lipglosses! Can be purchased here.

8.) Oil of Olay-Been using for years and have no desire to try any other product.

9.) Blow Dryer/Diffuser-What would my hair look like without this thing?!! It gives my hair volume and dries my hair(frizz free) within 20 minutes or so! Perfect for those days when I do not want to leave the house with a wet head.
10.) Power of a Praying Woman. This book is awesome! It has definitely helped strengthen my walk with Christ and has taught me a lot about praying. Can be purchased here.

11.) Nars Blush-Deepthroat(Yes, I HATE the name but love the color) It is a peachy/pink color. I wear it 95% of the time. Can be purchased here.

12.) Tarte-Hotel Heiress Bronzer. I use this as a blush, as well as to contour my face. Works well with my complexion. Can be purchased here.

13.) Sigma Make-Up Brushes. They are so soft and love the fun colors these brushes come in. I have the coral set. Can be purchased here. (Please excuse my busted nail polish in the picture below)

What are some of your fav's?

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Sunday Morning Simplicity...

HAPPY SUNDAY to everyone!!!

Today, I went to church as I do most Sundays. The service was AMAZING!!!! The subject was "What do we really believe?" and the text was Matthew 25:1-13. He preached such a good sermon and I left there feeling so blessed and with an extra pep in my step to start off my week! I'm not going to get too deep into the message but the basis of his sermon was," No one knows the day or the hour of Jesus return but when he does come, Will you be ready?" Anywho, on to what I wore! Thanks for visiting and here is my Sunday Morning church look! Wishing everyone a BLESSED week! XOXO

I was torn whether or not to purchase this blouse. I saw it a couple of times in H&M and passed it up, even though I was constantly being drawn to it every time I went in the store. I am glad that I waited on it because I ended up getting  a "buy one get one free" deal. The top was originally $29.99 and I purchased it for $15 with another blouse! I have a thing for ruffles, so this top was right up my alley! 

So...about patent leather shoes...I used to be indifferent about them but now, LOVE em'! Something about the classic look of a black patent leather shoe just "does" it for me! 

What I Am Wearing:
Belt-J.C. Penny's (came with a dress)
Silver Stud Earrings-Khol's
Bracelet-Tiffany & Co.
Black Pencil Skirt-Target(Over three years old)
Black Patent Leather Wedges-MaxStudio(Marshall's)
Nail Polish-China Glaze(Agent Lavender)

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BDIB: Preppy Style

It's that time again...Bloggers Do It Better Challenge sponsored by the lovely, Kristina. Check it out here to join in on the fun or to see all of the bloggers interpretation of this challenge. So...this one was a TRUE challenge for me. One, because I am not into the masculine look on women....nothing against people who are, just isn't my thing. However, after I read the challenge last week, my mind started racing trying to figure out what I can piece together within my wardrobe and the "bf's" wardrobe to create this look. I really enjoyed this challenge because it forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and it also forced me to try something that I wouldn't have tried otherwise! To be honest, it doesn't look half bad, if you ask me. Would I wear this in public? Hmmm...probably not. However, it was FUN playing dress up and trying to create a look around a tie, which was a requirement for the challenge. So, this is what I managed to come up with. Hope you like!
 I was trying to get my "masculine" pose on but didn't quite come out that!


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What I Am Wearing:
Vest-Old...Not Sure
Paisley Tie-Geoffrey Beene
Paperboy Hat-(Not Sure)
Pumps-Nine West
Pewter Chain Link Bracelet-Loehman's
Black Ring-H&M
Silver Hoops-Charlotte Russe